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WHAT IS VEGETABLE TANNING? Vegetable tanning is an old-world, artisanal technique that utilizes the tannic acid (tannins) found in some plant and vegetable species. It is the true "chromium free" method and does not include the use of harmful chemicals. The hides are soaked over the coarse of several months in highly concentrated baths of tree bark, leaves, roots and occasionally fruits. The process is time intensive but the results are unmatched by the chemical alternative.

WHAT IS THE BIGGEST DRAW TOWARDS THIS KIND OF LEATHER? There are a few ways to tan leather and vegetable tanning is by far the most eco-sustainable method, but unfortunately it’s not the most common. There are so many benefits to using, and subsequently supporting, this method of tanning. The reasons I choose to use veg-tan leather center around ideas of slowing down consumption and considering what we wear and how it’s made. If you want to buy something, buy something that lasts and do your research about where it comes from. Leather is highly durable. It can last a lifetime and then biodegrade once you are finished with it. Vegetable tanning is also the oldest and most practiced way to tan hides. It’s an art form in itself and practiced by craftspeople with important knowledge to pass on. I think it is so valuable to keep traditional old world methods alive. Lastly, it develops a patina that far surpasses any manmade, sped-up aging process. If you have ever worked in your own veg tan product you will understand what I mean. I like to note, anything produced on a mass scale has their imbalances, and veg-tan isn’t an exception to this. But at least with veg-tan the negatives don’t impact the environment. They mostly just impact my wallet, and I’m okay with that. It’s a time intensive process, and people need to be paid fairly.

DOES THE LEATHER STAY THE SAME COLOUR? No. Veg tan leather patinas over time to develop a beautiful rich patina. It absorbs oils, and also tans in the sunlight. Expect your veg tan product to undergo a serious transformation as you work it in.

DO YOU DO CUSTOM ORDERS  |  HOW DO I MAKE A CUSTOM ORDER? Yes. I love to do custom work. I can customize my designs or work with you from the start help you make your ideal bag.

DO YOU DO WHOLESALE? Yes and No. My larger products are always made to order and not available in storest. However, I am open to custom small batch orders and collaborations. Im always happy to discuss so please contact me if you have any questions.

CAN I POST ABOUT YOUR WORK ON MY BLOG? Yes. ..just be sure to credit the appropriate designers and photographer.